Education FAQs

Class Registration Policies

If you have have any questions about registering for classes, please refer to our policy document (pdf).

Education Scholarship Program

This scholarship fund was created in order to give all students the opportunity to experience a class at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts. We encourage teachers, counselors, family and friends to invite students who may benefit to apply to our program.
Summer 1 Classes Scholarship Deadline: April 21, 2017

Summer 2 Classes Scholarship Deadline: June 30, 2017

Summer Camps Weeks 1 – 3 Deadline: June 9, 2017

Summer Camps Weeks 4 – 6 Deadline: July 7, 2017

Download the Summer Classes 2017 Application or Summer Camps Application or call 513.863.8873. Scholarships are limited to one per student per year.

Season Scholarship Sponsors :
Joel and Marilyn Schmidt

Interested in Instructing?

Are you an instructor in visual art, music, drama, dance, yoga or other arts subject? Complete our online instructor proposal to teach at the Fitton Center.

Severe Winter Weather

In case of severe winter weather, please visit our Fitton Center Website or our Facebook page, for instructions. Students will be notified by the Fitton Center or their instructor about cancellations and closings.

Make-up dates will be scheduled for all classes cancelled due to weather-related issues.