Formed through a partnership between the City of Hamilton and the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, StreetSpark is a new program founded to further the arts identity in the city through exciting public art projects. This program creates arts engagement by producing high-quality art, building opportunities for local artists and enhancing the visual appeal of the city. With the goal of fueling Hamilton with art, StreetSpark will bring visible murals and artwork into our community. Through this program we will energize our streetscape, create awareness of the arts, and spark new development throughout Hamilton.

Two murals have been created during the summer of 2016 in Hamilton. Artists were invited to submit a range of designs, and the winning murals were chosen by a selection committee of arts professionals in our area. StreetSpark is off to a great start and we look forward to adding more public art to our cityscape soon!

StreetSpark Murals

Title: Alexander

Date: Summer 2016

Location: Corner of Main and D Street in Armstead Park

Lead Artist: Nicole Trimble

Supporting Artists: Christa Cape and Lindsay Shroyer

Alexander is a stylized image of Alexander Hamilton, based off of John Trumbull’s iconic 1806 portrait. It is a rendered in a bright palette of pinks, blues and greens, combining graphic blocks of color with more painterly marks. This combination of contemporary and classical art styles adds vibrancy and energy to this historic downtown neighborhood. Alexander celebrates the city’s history while helping to further expand the arts identity of Hamilton.

Title: Make Way for McCloskey

Date: Summer 2016

Location: Corner of High and Front Streets at the Hamilton Mill building

Lead Artist: Stephen Smith

Supporting Artists: Brian ImfeldJohn McCoy, Hannah Moore

Make Way for McCloskey pays homage to local writer and illustrator, Robert McCloskey.  This composition incorporates images (left to right) from his booksBlueberries for Sal © 1948, Make Way for Ducklings © 1941 and Homer Price © 1943.  Used by permission.  The artwork pulls together a number of McCloskey’s classic illustrative works, but is depicted in a modern color palette to reflect a more contemporary style.  The image uses blueberries, raindrops and donuts to create dynamic movement throughout the length of the design.  This mural ties into the history of the building because a young Robert McCloskey was commissioned to create carved bas relief designs on its surface.  This same building also houses Heritage Hall, which includes a museum dedicated to McCloskey’s life and art.  The Make Way for McCloskey mural celebrates both historic and contemporary artists, while enhancing the arts identity in a central downtown Hamilton location.

Connect with StreetSpark

Contact Info if Questions:

StreetSpark Program Manager: Jennifer Acus-Smith


Phone: 513-502-0678